The campus is built keeping the safety and comfort of the children as a prime priority. It is an environment that endeavours to provide a clean, healthy, happy atmosphere conducive to the all-round development of the child


Our well-equipped clinic is employs government approved nurses and a well trained dedicated School Doctor. From administering basic first aid and treat minor illnesses to training in emergency situations, our Clinic staff are always on call during the working hours of the school.

Additionally, students receive regular check-ups involving height, weight, eye, ear and dental to ensure health and vitality throughout their time with us.


Protecting our children and staff is a top priority for our school.
The CCTV  security systems enable on-site security to monitor the entire campus from one central location, improving response times and giving responders valuable visual information on the situation.

Visible security cameras also act as a deterrent for all kinds of bad behavior like bullying, especially when combined with active monitoring. The school is equipped with CCTV cameras outdoors, indoors and in the class rooms.


We strive to promote early identification and intervention of any difficulty a student may face, which is why teachers or parents can refer students to the SEND department at any time, where they are tested professionally by our Special Educator and School Counsellor. Once their needs are specified, our role of healing and growing at the SEND Department begins.

This includes a range of carefully formulated interventions including Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP) and Informal assessments.

All programs are monitored through a system that includes extensive, in-depth and ongoing communication with parents and teachers.


The school Cafeteria maintains a high standard of healthy and reasonably priced lunches, flexible and in accordance with the needs of our students at different levels.

The responsibility of the Cafeteria is handed over to a reputed caterer selected by the school specifically to maintain the utmost standards in nutrition, health and hygiene.


We aim to establish pick up and drop off points as close as possible to students’ homes. We recommend that parents discuss bus availability with the Bus Transport Office for more information regarding bus schedules and areas of operation.


KG: 7:30AM to 11:30AM    
 GRADE 1 to GRADE 11/12 - 7:30AM to 1:45PM

KG TO GRADE 11/12 - 7:30AM to 11:30AM

P.O.Box 967

Al Faseel, Fujairah,  
United Arab Emirates

+971 (0) 9 222 4855

+971   55 9966 283

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