Early years and Junior School Activity Club

School Activity Clubs, an extra -curricular program of four different clubs to build students’ self-esteem and social skills will be held four times every month during the ACE periods.

Royal Private English School aims to provide the students perfect balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities that will allow further to enrich the students’ learning experiences.

The school-initiated activities of these clubs are categorized under four main clubs:

• Tons of fun /PE & Eurhythmic Club- to boost students' physical movements through expressive timed movements in improvised music.

• Young Picasso/ Art & Craft Club- to enhance the creative skills and artistic talents of students through art and craft.

• Literary Club- to refine the literary skills of the students. 

• The Moon Rockers /Space & Science Club- to learn about science through hands on activities.

IGCSE Senior School English Debate Club 

Royal Private English School Senior Section IGCSE holds regular debating competitions under the auspice of ‘Impulse,’ the debate club. Besides keeping students abreast of all the newer developments around the world, the club horns their linguistic abilities, especially debating skills.

IGCSE Senior School Integrated Activity Club

OOEHS Encourages students to express their own personal identities while participating in team activities to sharpen their interpersonal skills.

IGCSE Senior School Literacy Club 

OOEHS Encourages students to express their own personal identities while participating in team activities to sharpen their interpersonal skills.

IGCSE Senior School Sports Club 

OOEHS promotes and develops students’ interest in a particular sport or physical activity. The focus is recreational, instructional, and competitive. To develop and implement new and forward-thinking projects and initiatives in response to students and community needs.

CBSE Middle School Happy Pixels Art/Craft Club

Instils artistic ability and educates and encourages students to reach new levels of creative endeavours in various art forms, including calligraphy. All required materials should be available for fruitful engagement in the club's activities.

CBSE Middle School Tech-novation Club

Creating awareness of current technology trends, leveraging ICT tools and sensitizing students about the responsibility involved in using the internet and technology.

CBSE Middle School Science Club

Developing scientific temperament and expertise in a practical sense among the students through various exciting activities.

IGCSE Middle School Math Club

The objectives of Math Club is to develop students’ level of Math skills and knowledge.
This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles. Math Club will support
classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future Math Competitions. 

IGCSE Middle School Science Club

The Aim of the Science Club is to provide opportunities for learners to explore aspects of science that are not always possible within the constraints of a normal school timetable.

Club Activities:
• Video shows/slide shows: shows are organised based on selected topics, e.g. showing Engineering fields video shows.
• Competitions: Computer Olympiad, Eskom Expos, Science Olympiad, is held to create an interactive and competitive spirit among members.

• Debates: Debates among members are organised based on scientific topics, such as environmental issues, nuclear waste, energy

IGCSE Middle School Art Club

The purpose of art club is to provide students who have an interest in art, an opportunity to
explore art and craft forms beyond what is offered in the curriculum.


KG: 7:30AM to 11:30AM    
 GRADE 1 to GRADE 11/12 - 7:30AM to 1:45PM

KG TO GRADE 11/12 - 7:30AM to 11:30AM

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