Parent Advisory Board Meeting

Principal sharing the School progress and future plans and open discussion with the PAB members.


The Battle of Words

The IGCSE Middle School Section of Royal Private English School, Fujairah organized the Spell Well Finale on May 27th , 2021 to select a Super Speller for the current academic session. Students were being trained over the whole year through monthly practice ,leading to semi final,tie round and eventually the Finale.

All the participants performed exceptionally well with their utmost dedication as the title of Super Speller was the sole aim for all of them. Fiza Abdul Rehman of J5D secured first position and the same was with Mohamad Saadi of J6G who was declared to be the Super Speller by winning the triumph over the tie breaker round.

This activity had profound dedication of the teachers and support of the section supervisor behind it. Ms Saleema Mahmoodi ,The school principal appreciated the competitive spirit and advised students to work hard with same dedication and zeal in every sphere of their life.


Happiness Week

IGCSE Middle School celebrated Happiness week, from 19th – 21st April 2021. Our goal was to create a positive classroom atmosphere for students to progressively maintain their mental wellness. School Principal,Ms Saleema Mahmoodi shared motivational speech and teachers showed some surprises during the day by putting on funny costumes and sharing funny stories and jokes .Students from J3 to J6 shared videos and pics of activities which they enjoyed doing and which made them happy.


World Water Day

The teachers and students from the Middle School Section of Royal Private English School celebrated World Water Day on 22nd March,2021.The purpose was to bring awareness among students about the importance of saving water and wise usage of water for sustainable living. Students were encouraged to participate through engaging discussions in the class,poster making,maintaining daily log of water usage and essay writing on water conservation.Students’ enthusiastic participation was a sign for their advocacy for the cause.


International Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, the day that celebrates the bond of love and affection was celebrated with zeal and high spirits in the Middle Section of Royal Private English School Fujairah. Many students made an earnest effort in making this day memorable for their mothers by putting together thoughtful art presentations, and video clippings. Mothers were overjoyed and expressed their gratitude.



The students were made aware about the importance of E safety through a class presentation by the teachers. Students were educated about the rules for the safe use of internet ,designed a safety pledge for themselves, some tips to stay safe while online, how to deal with posts and privacy policy



Parent Teacher meeting was held on Thursday,11th February,2021 from 8:30am to 3:30pm to share the feedback for FA2/Term Exam 1. It was the second online PTM conducted by Our Own Middle Section in this term. All the subjects were given different timings and every parent had an opportunity to meet on one to one basis with all the subject teachers and class teachers.

Parents are very happy with E learning in school and appreciated the efforts of the teachers. They are satisfied with the teaching and learning happening in school.


Litter Free Campaign

IGCSE Middle School celebrated “Litter Free Campaign” virtually from 8th to 10th February 2021 . The main aim of the activity was to encourage and engage students into recycling and giving them the opportunity for hands on experience in making useful and productive goods out of recycling. Along side they were encouraged into spreading awareness for proper disposal of litter and being environment friendly. Students enthusiastically participated in different activities conducted as part of the campaign.


 ‘The world in my classroom!’
The ‘Never Mind The Question’

- program of OOF brings this saying to life…

The ‘Never Mind The Question’ competition is a co-curricular activity which is conducted in Junior 1 and 2, this is a general awareness, social skills development & knowledge enhancement program which runs through out the Junior sections of OOF. It not only supports the academic growth of the children but also enhances their cognitive skills, hones their character and provides a wholesome educational experience. It further increases their critical thinking skills and also provides them with the opportunity of learning outside the academic curriculum. It brings to life the saying ‘The world is my classroom’, as it covers information from all areas of knowledge.

20 NMTQ questions are given every month and at the end of each month, the children are assessed on these. The program was concluded in the last term of the year by holding the NMTQ Finals at each grade level. Both the J1’s and J2’s had their Finals on 27th May 2021. The finals were held on the MS Teams platform and with 6 finalists from J1 and 5 from J2. The finalists were quizzed on the questions given throughout the year.

Each finale event was held in a different meeting platform. The event started with a student welcoming the attendees, followed by an address by the Principal, Mrs. Saleema Mahmoodi, where she motivated and encouraged the participants to do their best. It was a high-spirited and animated 1 hour of action as the students energetically participated and competed healthily with each other. From the J1 levels Hamza Abudaqqa of J1G won NMTQ 2021 and from the J2 level, Ahmed Atef of J2E won NMTQ 2021.


Ramadan Activity

The pious month of Ramadan is a time for fasting and doing good deeds. Students of IGCSE Middle School also played their role by taking part in small ,meaningful and fruitful activities. Students made fascinating patterns with fruits and exhibited their creativity. The purpose was to encourage healthy eating during the Month of Ramadan and later also.

Students also made personal booklets to write the good deeds they did throughout the month. This motivated them to participate in kind deeds and also reflect upon how they added value to their life. These activities are special in a way that it gave parents an opportunity to spend some quality time with their children to conduct these tasks effectively.


 World Labour Day Programme

The Senior School CBSE in association with its Entrepreneurship Club observed the World Labour Day. The Principal, Mrs. Saleema Mahmoodi, addressed all the students and teachers of the Senior School with an informative and awe-inspiring message on the history of World Labour Day, its importance and the empathy everyone needs to show amidst the present unprecedented times. She elaborated on the how our empathy towards the workers can change the world.

The Head of Section-CBSE, Mr. Tamoghna Chakraborty spoke to the students on the importance of understand the value of labour and appreciate the new value system by treating all who labour for us with dignity and respect. A video, designed by the members of the Entrepreneurship Club and the Club Leader, Ms. Shahab Shah, was presented.

The students campaigned for the World Labour Day through slogan writing, designing posters and thought-provoking articles and poems collated over Microsoft Sway.


World Intellectual Property
Rights Day celebration

The Senior School CBSE in association with its Crypto Club observed the World Intellectual Property Rights Day on 26th April 2021. The Principal addressed all the students and teachers of the Senior School with an informative and inspiring message on Intellectual Property Rights and how students can contribute.

The Head of Section spoke to the students on the importance of respecting and protecting ideas as intellectual property. 

A presentation, designed by the Crypto Club Leader, Ms. Anuranji, was led by the students and teachers on the theme. The students designed posters to campaign for the Intellectual property Rights.


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